Teaching Climate Together

The Teaching Climate Together web series exists to bring environmental education to everyone in a way that’s inspiring, inclusive, and informative. We work with thought leaders to share stories and lessons from their work, while also getting to know who they are. The most important and groundbreaking work can take years to reach classrooms. With so many people eager to learn about environmental issues, we should meet them where they’re at.  

Inspired by watching TV shows on PBS, Nat Geo, and Discovery, the Teaching Climate Together web series, hosted by myself is an example in the ways to bridge environmental experts with highlighting local issues and solutions that are ongoing. Through our episodes, we match them with ecological field-trips where people are able to meet the expert, learn about the issues, and build community.

Why digital media matters.


of people took action or made a change in their lifestyle after finding climate education.*

*82% of Gen Z alone! 



of people report learning about climate change through media or social media.

Source: Pearsons Global Learning Study

Episode 01: Is It Too Late To Save The Planet? Evidence based hope vs Climate Doomism Ft. Dr. Elin Kelsey
Episode 02: Urban Ecology: Can Los Angeles Be Fixed? Ft. Kat Superfisky

These episodes are all independently produced and we are always looking for sponsors to fund each episode, please consider funding an episode by emailing us at queerbrownvegan@gmail.com