Sustainable Jobs


of Gen Z says climate change is one of their biggest concerns… and

avoid applying for jobs with a perceived negative impact on the environment.

Thankfully, every job can be a climate job.

The Sustainable Job Series exists to share the diversity, potential, and impact behind careers in the environmental movement. Our independent collaborations bring us face-to-face with the people working at businesses aligned with making the world a better place to live. We share these stories with our audience of environmentalists to help inspire us to imagine all the ways environmental values can live in the world. After graduating from college, I struggled to find a career in sustainability and I realized that environmental jobs did not just end at non-profits, they extended themselves to industries that are front forward from food, fashion, beauty, technology, energy, and manufacturing.

Inspired by the series Dirty Jobs, presented by Mike Rowe on Discovery Channel, I felt the need to inspire the next generation of leaders into industries that care for the wellbeing of the planet, people, and future economic security of citizens. My idea behind this came after understanding that many brands would approach me wanting to work on partnership ideas but so little them had any clue of what would be engaging or exciting for young people to watch. The future of Gen Z marketing requires brands to give us access to their spaces so we can highlight the stories of change in their companies to create a regenerative, just world.


Episode 01: What's A Sustainable Job? Ft. ECOS

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