Public Speaking

COP28 Food Security through the Restoration of Ecosystems with John Liu
Building Ecological Wealth: A Queer Perspective On A Climate Future
Can Eating Plant-Based Save the Planet?
Aspen Ideas - Ok Doomer
Sanneh Foundation - Environmental Racism
2024 Rausser College of Natural Resources - UC Berkeley Commencement Speech
Environmental Media Association Award GALA - Billie Eilish & Maggie Baird receive the Environmental Media Association's Award
Environmental Media Association Impact Summit - Ethical Climate Story Telling In New Mediums Featuring Kristy Drutman, Wawa Gatheru, & Maya Penn
Overheated London - Why Plant-based? With Maggie Baird & Robbie Lockie
Nest Summit - The Story Of A Better Future: Shifting The Climate Narrative
Overheated - What Is Food Privilege?
Nuclear Energy Debate - Do We Need Nuclear To Stop Climate Change?
NowThis News - Environmental Educator Isaias Hernandez: “Queerness does matter”