My name is Isaias Hernandez

I was born in Los Angeles, California also known as Tongva Land. As someone who grew up in a community that faced environmental injustices, I grew an interest to learn about my environment. Living in Section 8 affordable housing, using food stamps growing up, and witnessing pollution affect my body. I turned my anger and sadness to becoming an environmental educator. I had the opportunity to earn my B.S. in Environmental Science at the University of California, Berkeley. I was able to work on a variety of diversity inclusion work in environmental spaces, academic research, and creative work.

My work is centered on environmental justice with a lens of localization. I believe that the climate crisis is an educational crisis and we need different forms of educators exist outside of institutions. I no longer want to see other low-income students struggle in learning about concepts they never had the opportunity to learn about which is why I use my educational platform as a foundation for people to learn about environmentalism.  I’m currently bicoastal living between New York and Los Angeles, working as a full-time content creator and public speaker on QueerBrownVegan.