The Problem With Climate Influencers

There’s no ethical way to earn money as an environmentalist. As a “climate influencer”, this topic offers a chance for me to directly examine my work, my praxis to privilege, and be creating a dialogue with a systemic focus. There are many valid critiques in the influencer landscape, but there are also nuances and things I’ve experienced that deserve an active conversation. Is the environmental movement more concerned with acting as purists, or embracing mistakes as lessons for growth? I hope for the latter.

Accountability or Purity?

Making Environmental Education Accessible

Meet Isaias Hernandez, environmental educator and founder of Queer Brown Vegan.

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Climate Influencers Have A Problem

There’s no ethical way to earn money as an environmentalist. As a “climate influencer”, this topic offers a chance for me to directly examine my work, my praxis to privilege, and be creating a dialogue with a systemic focus.

Building Ecological Wealth Over Generational Wealth

I am giving up on building generational wealth and focusing on creating ecological wealth. One that doesn’t materialize in our hands but showcases the mind, spirit, and heart how to make a blueprint for the continued wellness and existence of multi-species.

Why our parents’ generation isn’t to blame for the climate crisis

Older generations didn’t do enough.” Have you ever heard someone say that? Or felt that way? As the climate crisis continues to make headlines, I’ve noticed that there’s consistently intergenerational blame directly at people who come before us. On its surface, it makes sense to assign blame to older generations.

Does your carbon footprint matter?

The term “carbon footprint” was created to quantify the environmental impact of different activities. Driving a car to work, the food you eat, and the activities you partake in are all examples of factors that can play into your own carbon footprint.

What is White Veganism?

Veganism is an interconnected movement that seeks to fight for the liberation of non-human animals and humans. Before we get into this deep dive into White Veganism, make sure you understand that the critique is on Whiteness as a system, belief, and structure. The origins of Veganism are quite interesting, yet simple, right?

Why Is There A Lack Of Diversity In Veganism?

Isaias, why do you think there’s a lack of diversity in veganism?” is a question I get a lot. I use the name Queer Brown Vegan to speak to my intersectional identity and it often invites questions on race and the environmental movement, especially within the vegan/plant-based community.

What is Climate Doomism?

Climate doomism is referred as the pathway to ecological destruction due to anthropogenic actions created by human society. However, climate doomism is often used as a scare tactic to disempower collectivized communities on their journey for environmental liberation.

Do Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Exist?

Planning to have an eco-friendly Valentine’s and don’t know where to start? Showing love to our romantic ones on February 14th shouldn’t harm the planet. According to Statista, Valentine’s Day’s total spending in the United States is expected to be 21.8 billion dollars.

Top 10 Books On Environmental Racism

The Top 10 Books on Environmental Racism. The concept emerged from the Environmental Justice movement that looked into how policies and practices disproportionately affect Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in the environment.

What is the Climate Scale?

The Climate Scale is a framework that allows people to situate their emotions and feelings during the Climate Crisis. Climate Change and Mental Health resources are not available to many communities that experience natural disasters.

Zero Waste Systems And Environmental Racism

Zero-Waste is a humans right issue. Communities are not created nor designed equal, many BIPOC communities globally are the ones living in nearby waste incinerators. Environmental racism is real and slowly harming BIPOC communities.

What is Environmental Racism?

Environmental racism is a concept from the environmental justice movement that looks into the policies and practices that discriminate against Black, Indigenous, and POC (People of Color) communities.

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