During my time in college, I had a hard time interconnecting terminology and concepts together. Upon graduating, I realized how important it was to simplify and breakdown each term. As someone who didn’t have support when navigating the environmental field, I asked myself who I wanted to be for others, and that’s an educator.


Eco-Learners was designed by Noa Mendes and written words by Isaias Hernandez. Eco-Learners is a collaborative project that brings together illustration art and environmental education. This is a free downloadable e-book that has 18 beautifully designed illustrations of environmental terms. For many people, visual learning is an introduction for one’s interest in environmental edcuation.

Alluvia Magazine

Isaias Hernandez was the co-creator of Alluvia Magazine. Alluvia was a budding publication and creative environmental collective that centered environmentalists of color using different artistic mediums, including, but not limited to, fashion, writing, photography, design, and film. We aimed to highlight creative environmental work while building a dynamic community of like-minded environmental activists and artists. Thus, allowing us to promote within our communities, a foundation started by Bay Area-based Environmentalists, Alluvia aimed to uplift voices of BIPOC environmentalists across the world.