What is Environmental Racism?

Environmental racism is a concept from the environmental justice movement that looks into the policies and practices that discriminate against Black, Indigenous, and POC (People of Color) communities.

What is Climate Doomism?

At young ages, many Black, Indigenous, and People of Color are often taught to normalize pain, whether it’s social, racial, or environmental injustice. These injustices have influenced the understanding of BIPOC on how they can react in both external and internal situations.


Who is Queer Brown Vegan?

Isaias Hernandez is an Environmental Educator and creator of QueerBrownVegan where he creates introductory forms of environmentalism through colorful graphics, illustrations, and videos. He seeks to provide a safe space for like-minded environmentalists to advance the discourse around the climate crisis.

Services Offered

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What is Climate Doomism?

Climate doomism is referred as the pathway to ecological destruction due to anthropogenic actions created by human society. However, climate doomism is often used as a scare tactic to disempower collectivized communities on their journey for environmental liberation.
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Do Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Exist?

Planning to have an eco-friendly Valentine’s and don’t know where to start? Showing love to our romantic ones on February 14th shouldn’t harm the planet. According to Statista, Valentine’s Day’s total spending in the United States is expected to be 21.8 billion dollars. Compared to 2020, which was at its highest of 27.4 billion, this year will generate sales despite […]
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What is the Climate Scale?

The Climate Scale is a framework that allows people to situate their emotions and feelings during the Climate Crisis. Climate Change and Mental Health resources are not available to many communities that experience natural disasters.

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